Cholera prompts clinic re-activations in Haiti

By June 21, 2011

Haiti (MNN) — Cholera is stalking Haiti again.

Last week, the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO)
issued a statement saying that 2,600 people were infected with cholera every
week. However, Oxfam said the number of
deaths is much lower than last year as people are able to get help faster.

The waterborne disease produces diarrhea and vomiting that
can lead to severe dehydration and death without prompt treatment. Basic hygiene plays a crucial role in prevention,
but in many poor communities, especially in the rural areas where the Baptist Haiti
serves, people don't have dependable access to supplies like bleach and
other disinfectants.

The Civil Protection Department called the situation
critical in Petionville, Delmas, Carrefour, Tabarre, Grand-Anse and Cite Soleil. As a result of the rising cases, the Red Cross
reopened a cholera treatment centre near Port-au-Prince.

BHM was also involved in responding to the cholera outbreak
last November. Last month, their team
says there were twice as many cases reported as compared to seven months ago
when the disease began spreading in the country.

Last year's outbreak struck several of BHM's partner
churches in the rural areas. BHM team
members established a cholera clinic to provide the best care available to
local cholera victims.

The cholera clinic had downsized, but they are going to move
back into the bigger facility soon since the number of patients that the team
is seeing each day continues to rise. Pray that people will be able to get to
clinics quickly to receive treatment. 

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cornerstone of a successful mission work. Underlying all programs at the
mission is the single goal of introducing people to spiritual life through
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