Christian Aid Mission: help, hope, and Christmas

By December 2, 2015

International (MNN) — The European Union is giving Syria’s neighbor-nations $370 million USD (350 million euros) to help care for the 1.7 million refugees within their borders.
Christian Aid Mission is also meeting the immediate needs of refugees.

European Union flag

European Union flag

But, their help comes with hope.

“It’s amazing how open people are when they see that they are cared for, they are genuinely loved, that someone is going out of their way to provide a gift for them,” shares Christian Aid Mission’s Amie Cotton.

“They are so open to hearing the Gospel, and they want to know about this Jesus.”

The EU’s Christmas gift

(Photo courtesy EU via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy EU via Facebook)

In a press release yesterday, the EU announced its single-biggest measure in response to the Syrian refugee crisis to date.

“Europe and the countries in Syria’s neighborhood are facing the biggest refugee crisis since the end of World War II, affecting all of us,” said EU official Johannes Hahn in the statement.

“I am convinced that this is the most effective way to address the root causes of the current migration crisis, and to turn despair into hope and future for the refugees.”

The EU aid package given to host communities in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq has four areas of designation: education, local development, health, and hygiene.

Christian Aid Mission’s Christmas gifts

The refugee crisis has no quick fix. No amount of money, big or small, will solve the problem. But, $20 is a good place to start.

Christian Aid Mission_Syrian refugees

(Photo courtesy Christian Aid Mission)

“For $20, you can provide coats, hats, gloves, shoes to refugees in Syria…. It just opens the door to share the Gospel,” explains Cotton.

As they provide practical help and listening ears to refugees, Christian Aid Mission partners are finding opportunities to share the salvation message of Christ. And, Syrian refugees are finding new reason to hope.

“People just need to share their stories. They’ve been through so much – having to give up their home, their job, and flee with their family,” Cotton says.

“These indigenous missionaries are able to come alongside them and say, ‘We care about you, we want to hear your story. We don’t just want to provide [for] a need: we care about YOU.'”

Refugees aren’t the only ones being helped by indigenous missionaries, though. Christian Aid Mission’s 2015 Christmas Catalog highlights ongoing needs you can help meet with a gift of any amount:

  • Transportation
  • Winter survival
  • God’s Word
  • Micro-enterprise
  • Evangelism tools
  • Widow ministry
  • Disaster recovery
  • Missionary support
Christian Aid Mission_refugees

With help from Christian Aid Mission, an indigenous ministry in Turkey distributed food, vitamins for the elderly and nearly 300 pairs of shoes in three camps for refugees who fled from ISIS.
(Photo, caption courtesy Christian Aid Mission)

“This Christmas, we can really touch someone’s life on the other side of the world and make a difference,” says Cotton.

You can also celebrate a loved one’s legacy, she adds. When you give a gift in a loved one’s name, Christian Aid Mission will notify that person by mail.

Share Christ’s love in word and deed this Christmas through Christian Aid Mission.

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