Christian Aid partners bring circumstantial and eternal salvation

By April 30, 2013

West Africa (MNN) — Homeless kids are falling prey to Marabouts in West Africa.

Over a million children wander the streets of one Muslim-majority nation, trying desperately to fend for themselves. Recognizing their vulnerability, Marabouts, or Muslim witchdoctors, collect these kids and force them into a life of slavery.

Christian Aid Mission, your link to indigenous missions, says the kids are forced to beg for money during the day. In the evening, these children are forced to study the Quran.

Oppression and suffering is written all over these kids in the forms of physical abuse and malnourishment.

Redeeming Children's Destinies, Christian Aid's ministry partner in the country, is rescuing hundreds of children from this fate and providing loving care in Jesus' name.

Redeeming Children's Destinies also operates the country's first Christian school, which opened in 2011 and welcomed nearly 300 children. The spiritual and academic progress of the kids attending the school, especially that of boarding students living at the school's dormitory, has prompted the ministry to expand.

The ministry's leader has found land in the capital city to build a dormitory that would house 60 boys. In the future, he hopes to increase the building's capacity by adding two more floors.

You can help Christian Aid's partners reach more street kids by clicking here.

Pray that more children would be rescued from the dangerous streets of this country. Pray that as kids hear about Christ, they would believe in Him for salvation.

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