Christian blood flows freely and frequently in the DRC

By August 31, 2023

Congo-Kinshasa (MNN) — Terror plagues a majority-Christian nation in central Africa, and it goes by a three-letter name: ADF. The Allied Defense Forces (ADF) claimed 55 deaths in the first two weeks of August, killing 19 people in a single attack.

Based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the jihadists frequently target Christians in the eastern region. ADF terrorists killed 72 believers during two weeks in March and 80 Christians over ten days in April.

The Islamic canon inspires the terrorists’ brutality.

“I [recently] discussed [this persecution] with an imam, and he said, ‘We have steps before we kill Christian.’ If [a Christian] repents, changes his faith, and becomes a Muslim, it’s fine. If not, they (Muslims) have all this authority from their god to kill that Christian,” Voice of the Martyrs Canada’s VP of International Ministry and Operations Riadh Jaballah says.

“When they kill Christians, it’s part [of their] doctrine.”

IS celebrated killing “over 100 Christians” in March.
(Photo, caption courtesy VOM Canada/al-Naba)

Militants formed ADF in 1995 to overthrow the Ugandan government. Partnering with the Islamic State gave ADF the funds necessary to grow. It gave the Islamic State a foothold in Central Africa.

“Islamic State started many years ago in the Middle East and North Africa. These terrorists jump from one area to another, creating terrorism and hatred [in the name of] Islam,” Jaballah says.

“It’s like a virus; we find them everywhere.”

Voice of the Martyrs Canada collaborates with partners in the DRC to offer hope through theology of persecution courses.

“I teach the course in Arabic and French and have another colleague [who teaches] in English,” Jaballah says.

“We’re not scared about persecution; it’s part of our faith. We need to face the situation and be witnesses to the persecutor.”

Pray persecuted Christians will hold fast to their faith and trust in the Lord.

“The voice of truth is the voice of God. It doesn’t matter if the persecutor succeeds in silencing [Christians] through intimidation or killing; God is here,” Jaballah says.




Header and story images courtesy of Voice of the Martyrs Canada.