Christian books distribution increases in Middle East

By February 20, 2019

Middle East (MNN) – Mission Cry, an organization dedicated to repurposing used Christian literature, recently sent 50,000 Arabic Bibles to the Middle East.

Mission Cry has previously distributed Christian books and Bibles in pockets of the Holy Land, particularly Israel, but is looking to expand into Jordan and Palestine. After a generous donor gave 50,000 Arabic Bibles, Mission Cry was able to use local Christian workers to begin expanding distribution.

“I find it fitting that we should also try to help our brothers and sisters in Christ in Palestine and Jordan that don’t have the means to buy a Bible or a Christian book,” Mission Cry’s Executive Director Jason Woolford says.

Jordan is ranked 31 and Palestine is ranked 49 on the 2019 Open Doors USA World Watch List.* In both countries, Islam is the main religion. Christians living in these regions face persecution from Islamic oppression and limitations on the practice of their faith.

Despite facing economic and political issues, Woolford hopes that encountering the Bible might give people an opportunity to experience the ultimate hope of Christ.

“They might come across one of these books…and it would be a change agent to them and their families,” Woolford says.

Challenges and Donations

Mission Cry’s biggest challenge in shipping the books and Bibles is the cost. Woolford explains that they currently have several sea containers full of books in the warehouse, packaged and ready to ship, but need help from people like you to send them.

“There’s about 30,000 Bibles, Christian books, seminary materials, and Christian education materials already packed and waiting to go. All we need is people to come alongside and support that,” Woolford says.

According to the American Bible Society, the average American has three Bibles on their bookshelf. In the countries Mission Cry partners with, people may not have access to Christian resources. If they do, they may not have the funds to purchase them.

In the Middle East, the Bible is not as easily accessible as it might be in the West. Organizations like Mission Cry step in to provide free books and Bibles to fill this need. By not purchasing books themselves, Mission Cry can afford to ship more books overseas.

“You’re seeding into good ground. You’re giving people the opportunity to have their eternity changed for all time,” Woolford says.

How to Help

Will you help plant seeds? Mission Cry has multiple ways you can get involved. For example, you can donate any used Christian books or Bibles you no longer need.

Find out how to donate here.

Another way to help is by providing monetary support to help send the books overseas.

To help send these books to the Middle East, click here.

Finally, a third way to help is through prayer. Start by praying for Mission Cry as they distribute these Bibles and books in the Middle East. Pray these books support Christians in this area and be resources for non-believers to learn about God’s love.

*Open Doors USA’s World Watch List is a ranking of the most severe countries for Christians to live. Find the USA World Watch List here.



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