Christian businesses in Africa become self-sustaining

By September 17, 2012

Ghana (MNN) — Last summer, 30 entrepreneurs received business training from Global Advance at Marketplace Mission Conferences held in southern Ghana's two most-populated cities. Local leaders took the information they gained and used it to start a Savings and Loan bank. Now Ghana Christian businesses are being funded from within, creating a more sustainable financial environment.

Financial stability shines like a beacon of hope to a nation with nearly one-third of its residents living at or below the poverty line. As Ghana communities take notice of believers' success, pray that business leaders would be able to share their source of hope — Jesus Christ.

Ghana's GDP grew from $5.9 billion in 1990 to $32.3 billion in 2010, ranking it among the top 10 regions in Africa for highest economic growth experienced over the last decade. According to the World Bank Group, Ghana's economy grew at 14.4% last year thanks to new oil production and a recovered construction sector.

But with December elections approaching, Ghana's success could head south quickly.

In the past, Ghana's debt ran particularly high during election years. In the years following an election, the people of Ghana suffered as a result of government spending. In April, both the President and Finance Minister issued statements that outrageous election expenditures will not be tolerated. Pray for the leadership of Ghana.

Pray that believers involved in operating the new bank would set a good example for other businesses in Ghana. Pray that unbelievers would be attracted to the peace Christ offers to those who serve Him.

Global Advance's Marketplace Missions initiatives provide a conduit for U.S. business leaders to invest their skills, knowledge, and experience into the lives of emerging marketplace leaders in developing nations. You can get involved here.

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