Christian businesses set the bar

By August 17, 2011

Ghana (MNN) — A crippling poverty rate of nearly 30% and an unemployment rate of 20% in Ghana is now seeing an upswing with potential for economic growth.

This attracted in Global Advance Marketplace Mission Conferences with the hopes of Christians setting the bar for business excellence in Ghana.

Marketplace Mission Conferences were held last month in Accra and Kumasi, the two most-populated cities of southern Ghana. These conferences are intended to train up business professionals in God-honoring business practices and provide them with useful tools.

Through the Marketplace Mission Conferences, 30 Ghanaian business entrepreneurs were put through 100 grueling hours of Strategic Business Training.

Training includes seminars such as biblical principles for business, entrepreneurship, financial principles, marketing planning, integrity and a business leader's role in the Kingdom of God.

Global Advance targeted Ghana because of its unique position as one of the few English-speaking countries of West Africa. Also, according to Business Today, Ghana is projected to experience an economic growth rate of 4.5% this year. In all of Africa, Ghana was in the top 10 regions for most growth experienced over the last decade.

With these factors in mind, Ghana is perfectly positioned with potential to be a major future economy in West Africa.

What makes Global Advance Marketplace Mission Conference training so unique is the pairing of Christian stewardship standards with practical business knowledge. Attendees of the conferences are trained to have high standards of excellence.

When Christians make headway in society with positive impact in their community, people notice. This, in turn, opens up great conversation starters as business men and women can share their hope and joy in Christ motivating them to have high business standards and to love their neighbors.

Please pray that Christian business men and women in Ghana would set good examples in a country positioned for economic growth. Pray that this example would warm hearts towards helping their community and searching out the God who started it all.

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