Christian camps help provide kids with a ‘normal’ life in Turkey

By May 7, 2012

Turkey (INN/MNN) — You are a Christian child in Turkey. The Turkish government requires you to attend public school, but you are the
only Christian in your class and in your school. Your classmates and your
teacher see you as an outsider.

Throughout the school year, you are bullied and called names. There is not
one classmate willing to take the risk of being your friend. You are alone.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be the only Christian in your
entire school? That's how it is for many kids in Turkey.

But there IS a ray of hope! Each summer, through IN Network Turkey, these
kids have the opportunity to attend camp, where singing worship songs, praying
to God, and reading the Bible is "normal."

Using the Christian calendar and
making use of summer vacations, I.N. Network invites children to camps and
celebrations at Christmas and Easter. These Christian celebrations are
discouraged in Turkey, but the celebrations affirm the children in their faith.

Turkish Bible camps encourage kids to have fun, play silly games, eat delicious
meals, and even splash around in the pool. But one of the most wonderful things
is being able to hear Bible stories, sing songs, and learn more about following
Jesus. Some kids wait all year just for camp to take place again. 

The camp program they're working to support has a week for elementary
school, middle school, and high school campers.

The IN Network Turkey ministry team leaders are looking for ways to keep the doors open. And they need
help raising the funds. Some donors have,
in the past, been able to help raise money through projects like Vacation Bible
School, youth groups, or a special missions offerings.

Pray for the young believers in Turkey, that
they would be encouraged and that they would be more effective than ever in sharing
with their friends the good news about Jesus.



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  • Nick Bilotto says:


    I was wondering if you needed any help at the Christian camp in Turkey this summer. I would like to help if I could. Please, let me know.

    Thank you and God Bless,

    Nick Bilotto

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