Christian community not immune from Haiti’s turmoil

By June 16, 2022

Haiti (MNN) — Desperation grows daily in Haiti. Gang violence killed nearly 200 people in one month, and kidnappings are a constant threat.

A believer we’ll call James works with World Concern in Haiti.

“People are getting kidnapped every day. The government is nonexistent. We have no president; he [was] assassinated. Basic products are getting more expensive every day,” he says.

“You can’t describe how hard it is right now.”

The Christian community is not immune from gang violence. “Three or maybe six months ago, the churches were the main target,” James says.

“Every Sunday morning or Saturday evening, or Saturday morning, a pastor or a member of the church, a deacon, somebody at church was kidnapped.”

(Photo courtesy of World Concern)

Hope remains

World Concern walks alongside communities in extreme need of the hands and feet of Jesus. More about World Concern’s work here.

The hope of Christ keeps people’s eyes on the horizon instead of on the desperate circumstances around them. James says many Haitians tell themselves, “We’ve been through so [much] hardship and tribulation, so we will overcome this one.”

But even the faithful grow weary. Ask the Lord to give them strength and pray for peace in Haiti. “This is the worst I’ve ever seen in my country; I don’t think we can go any lower,” James says.

“People are willing to do whatever; even kill someone just to find food to give their children. I would only ask [people] to pray for peace in Haiti. This is the only thing we want.”



Header and story images courtesy of World Concern. 

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