Christian Conference Cares for Captive

By June 11, 2007

Iraq (MNN) — As Christian persecution increases in the Muslim world, another report from The Bridge International comes in–this one with a surprising ending. 

During a Christian conference in Northern Iraq, an exhausted, young, Iraqi pastor stumbled in.  After helping him recuperate and offering food and water, they slowly began to put his story together.

Weeks earlier, he had been abducted by Muslim terrorists. At a remote location, he was
tortured and starved while being shouted at. "We will kill you!" they shouted, and persistently asked him to reject his faith in Christ.

The man prayed and was finally released. The abductors left him in an open field where the pastor realized that they still had his identification papers. A few hours' walk brought him back to the camp where he asked the Muslims for his documents. "‘You'll find them in the bag over there. Pick whichever you want–all the others are dead,' said one of the men, pointing to a bag full of identification papers of people who had been killed!" reports Bridge International.

The man then walked for days until he came upon the Christian conference center. 

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