Christian could help stop ISIS fighters

By May 28, 2015
Mosque in Dearborn, Michigan.

Mosque in Dearborn, Michigan.

USA (MNN) — More and more we’re hearing stories of people in the West flying to the Middle East to join Islamic State terrorists. Twins from Germany recently died fighting for the group. Two California men were arrested as they attempted to join the movement. Two British girls are suspected of traveling there in recent months.

Why? What is the appeal?

Vice President of E3 Partners and Middle East Expert Tom Doyle thinks he knows. “We’re in this generation where young people are searching for an identity. They’re wanting to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and they were in search of a lost identity.”

Doyle believes it probably starts soon after they arrive in a Western nation. “Last year, about a million people came to America from the Middle East. A majority of them would be Muslim. And so, I think we have an opportunity to reach them when they come.”

Because many Muslims look and dress differently, it’s easy for Americans to keep to themselves. “[Muslims] can be marginalized and just flat out ignored. What that does is it causes them to retreat into their own Muslim community, and yes, sadly, there is that potential that they can become radicalized.”

God has given Christians an opportunity to bring unreached people to the West. Doyle says this opportunity can’t be ignored. Muslims, especially when they first arrive in a new country, are very open to making new friends. “So welcome them and reach out to them the moment they get off the plane.”

Doyle says our actions can go a long way to reaching a Muslim. “If they understand who Jesus is and they see His love, they are more than attracted. So let’s not repel them as believers in America; let’s let them see who our Jesus is.”

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More Muslims than ever before are coming to Christ. Much of it’s in response to ISIS. They’re mortified that people are using Islam to torture and kill innocent people.

Many Christians are afraid to befriend Muslims, which can be part of the problem. Doyle says, “The Great Commission is for all people groups, so nobody is off the table. Nobody is beyond His ability to save, regardless of what we’re seeing on the news.”

Learning how to share your faith with Muslims is important. Doyle says it’s not pounding a pulpit. “We have a seminar that we do called, ‘How to Love Muslims to Christ.’ We’ll send you all the slides. We’ll send you the information. We’ll come to your church and do it. We find this is a very open people group to the Gospel today.

Doyle adds, “The number one thing that attracts Muslims to Jesus is the love that they feel from believers that reach out to them and befriend them.”


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