Christian film festival addresses social issues in Russia

By January 24, 2006

Russia (MNN) — HIV/AIDS, drug and alcohol abuse, children at risk and crime are all issues that concern the people of Russia today. HIV/AIDS infection is estimated at just under one-percent of the population. Drug and alcohol abuse is rampant among all age groups. The orphan population is growing.

Russians are looking for answers to these questions. That may be why they’re responding so positively to an idea to hold a Film Festival addressing these social issues.

Russian Ministries’ Vice President Sergey Rakhuba, speaking from Russia, says they’re one of the sponsoring organizations for a ‘Moral Values Film Festival’ scheduled to begin March 31. Russian Ministries held a press conference announcing the event and it drew media and Russian leaders. Rakhuba says, “I was surprised to see some top officials at the press conference supporting this idea, offering resources to help in organizing this movie festival.”

Rakhuba explains the purpose of the 10 day festival. “The idea of this movie festival (is) to present social movies, especially movies that are made by Christian movie makers, to emphasize and promote Biblical Christian human values in a Russian society.”

The local evangelical church will be an integral part of the festival, says Rakhuba, for the most important reason. “After those movies, discussions will be offered to cover all the subjects and definitely the Gospel will be the main subject of all of this festival.”

Up to 35,000 young people are expected to attend the festival which will be held in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

This is a new idea in Russia, and Rakhuba is asking Christians to pray for wisdom as the planning continues. He’s also asking people to help financially. Click on the link below to get connected.

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