Christian literature distribution increases in Australia

By February 7, 2024

Australia (MNN) — Recently World Missionary Press, WMP, has seen an uptick in Christian literature requests from Australia. They have been working in the country since 1991 but the last 5-8 years brought requests for literature targeting a wider variety of people groups and languages. In fact, Helen Williams with WMP says that in fiscal year 2023 they sent about 120,000 pieces of literature to Australia. Remarkably, WMP sent the literature in ten-pound boxes all over the country, mostly to individuals.

Reaching More People Groups

WMP loves to hear how their literature is being used. Williams shares, “I had an email this morning from a man in Australia and he’s talking about what he wanted to have. He says he travels. He said, ‘I’ve used your booklets quite a bit with mainly Chinese folks. Then some Punjabi-speaking Sikhs, occasionally with some Vietnamese immigrants, other Asian folks and Arabic speaking folks.’ He ordered material in simplified Chinese and Vietnamese.”

(Image courtesy of Tep Ro from Pixabay)

Another ministry just put in an order for literature in English, Persian Farsi, Dari, Amharic, Tigringna, Arabic, and simplified Chinese. That literature can reach people from Iran, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and China among others.

The variety of people groups being reached is a huge cause for praise. The booklets provided by WMP are crucial for this ministry work.

A partner named Mario told WMP, “It is difficult to find Christian literature down here. Someone gave me one of your booklets in 2006 and it had a big impact in my life. As I saw myself in the mirror of God’s Word, I called unto the Lord for deliverance and salvation. I now use the booklets with family members and friends that don’t know the Lord personally.”

Pray for More Efficient Distribution

Like Mario, many of the people ordering literature in Australia are individuals. There are a few organizations. Williams says, “We do have a group down there that has been receiving literature in the last year or two from us, and they do book fairs. They send us pictures. They use our material in Arabic because this is evidently a ministry, reaching out to Arabic-speaking people. So they use our literature in a book fair.”

Williams says Christians should pray that people would be encouraged by the literature. She also says, “We would like to be able to expand a little bit more and maybe get a centralized distribution point, so the material is more readily available. That would be one way to pray for us. But for them, pray for the Lord to just give them great opportunities, and great joy in being able to share the Word in so many languages to whoever they meet.”

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