Christian man climbs Kilimanjaro to raise funds for a well

By February 2, 2010

Tanzania (MNN) — Marathon runner Chris Juhasz climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro for the sake of clean water in Tanzania.

Juhasz was looking into climbing while training for the Chicago marathon. After learning that 45 percent of Tanzanians don't have access to clean drinking water, Juhasz, a believer, decided to turn his climb into a fundraiser.

The idea was simple: climb a mountain, build a well. Juhasz asked for support as he ascended the Kilimanjaro summit in hopes that he would raise enough money ($16,000) to build a well in Tanzania through Living Water International. The six-day climb was not so simple.

On his blog, Juhasz documented his adventure up the mountain, which is nearly 20,000 feet tall. LWI also documented the trip on their Web site.

Juhasz has finally completed his journey, but he has not yet finished his fund raising. He still needs over $10,000 to build a well in Tanzania. Funds are needed to build the well, which not only will bring clean water to people in Tanzania, but will also be a testimony of God's faithfulness and love for them.

Give to this mountainous endeavor here.

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