Christian network sold in Romania

By July 1, 2008

Romania (MNN) — After more than 19 years of broadcasting the Gospel, Little Samaritan Mission will no longer be on the air in Romania. That's the word from the ministry's founder and president Florin Pindicblaj.

Pindicblaj says, "The American dollar is so low compared to the Euro dollar. We were not able to pay the bills month by month. We decided to relinquish all 26 radio stations. On the 1st of October, Little Samaritan will cease to broadcast its programs in Romania."

According to Pindicblaj, last November was the determining factor in their decision. "In the last two years, we were affected financially. It was harder and harder every month. Last year during the Sharathon (in November), we said this Sharathon will decide if we will continue our ministry through the radio in Romania."

Funding was ultimately the issue. "We needed $40,000 per month to maintain the operations of 26 radio stations, the satellite, the internet and the personnel. We just did not have the funds."

The purchase price was not disclosed, but the money will be used to support their radio network in nearby Moldova. Pindicblaj says the station was sold to another Christian organization called Voice of Hope. He's not sure how the broadcasts will change with the new ownership.

In reflecting on the ministry, Pindicblaj says, "People loved our radio programs. People came to know Christ. They were saved. We didn't highlight one particular denomination, and that was one of the reasons why we had so many people — millions — listening to our broadcasts."

"This was one of the most difficult decisions I've made in my life," says Pindicblaj.

However, their humanitarian efforts will continue in Romania. If you'd like to help support Little Samaritan's work in Romania and Moldova, click here.

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