Christian orphanage attacked in India

By December 9, 2004

India (MNN) — Even though the government of India is secular in nature and allows freedom of religion, in some areas of India Christians are still in danger. The State of Rajasthan is just one example. Bible Pathway Ministries provides their materials to Hope Givers International, an organization that runs 88 orphanages in India.

Hope Givers’ Samuel Thomas says, “And, one of the orphanages is planted in the most anti-Christian location. When I say anti-Christian location, (I mean) any time you send a Christian there they’re either beat them, kill them, or burn them alive.”

That was exactly what they threatened to do. Thomas explains why. “We have planted a church. The city is Baran. The anti-Christians were very furious why we would even start a work there when we knew that it is an anti-Christian environment. But, knowing the history of Hope Givers, that has never stopped us in the past.”

Despite much prayer the situation got out of hand. Thomas says, “We had police protection. The situation got really bad because they started beating the policemen for protecting the orphanage. So finally, the board (made) a decision that we needed to bring the children away from there for the time being.”

But, Thomas says they still plan to share the Gospel in the region. “I asked pastor Masey, I said, ‘what do you think, should we change your location because it’s so hard?’ These were his words, he says, ‘for me to live is Christ, but to die is gain. I will not leave this place, I will stay here.'”

Thomas says prayer and finances are needed because this ministry is having an incredible impact on evangelism. “We take care of the children from the street, give them God’s love, encourage them in the Lord and 97-percent of our children are ending up in full time ministry,” Thomas says.

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