Christian radio funding for Haiti is a great need

By December 5, 2005

Haiti (MNN) — As violence continues in Haiti, Christians know that the only answer to this is a heart change. According to Men for Missions, the laymen’s voice of OMS International, Christian radio can help.

Men for Mission’s Wayne King says Christian radio station, 4VEH isn’t only proclaiming the Gospel to those who haven’t heard, but it’s discipling believers, too. “In a country like Haiti, which is known for its mountains and the terrain. It’s difficult for people to get to church. So, radio is something that they can do. So, 4VEH provides that tool of discipleship.”

King says 4VEH is needed for another good reason. “Many of the pastors of the churches in Haiti have received minimal education. And so, they need to be trained in an ongoing way, just like the new convert needs to be trained.”

However, funding is a great need right now. “With all of the events of Katrina and the catastrophe that we faced, there is a tremendous strain on charitable giving that people are able to do.” 4VEH is facing a $45,000 deficit this month, says King.

That doesn’t even take into account the goal to place 250,000 radios throughout Haiti so even more people can hear the Gospel.

King says a long term financial commitment is what’s needed. He says that will do a lot, “to seeing a country changed from a country of voodoo, ignorance, to a country where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is in the forefront.”

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  • Your Name says:

    Dear Friends In Christ,
    Greetings to you all. I am happy to thank you for what you are doing there. In Kenya we operate a christian radio under the Africa Gospel Church..Radio Injili 103.7 fm. We are looking for great friends like you who can assist us on how to get more transmitters..currently we only have one. We are looking for a donors to assist us with funds to be able to reach more people with the message of Christ. Every weekend we go out to villages showing the Jesus film.
    I will appreciate your reply on these.. Pray for us and visit us. Thanks, Pr.John Makibior, Radio Injili Technical Manager

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