Christian radio is help victims of the China earthquake

By May 23, 2008

China (MNN) –The death toll has climbed over 40,000, and thousands more are still missing in the aftermath of the 7.9 magnitude earthquake. The May 12 disaster has devastated the Sichuan Province of China. While aid is pouring in, Christian radio is having an impact on the survivors.

Far East Broadcast Company
-Hong Kong is producing a special radio series on disease control and hygiene management. The program is hosted by an experienced medical doctor and broadcast to the Sichuan Province. FEBC is also planning to deliver free radio sets to the affected area, providing a way for survivors to hear important messages during this critical time.

FEBC-Hong Kong is asking believers to pray and to give generously during this time of need. Funding is needed to help purchase radios, as well as to support the relief, reconstruction and disaster operations in the affected area.

FEBC is partnering with Christian leaders in China to provide emergency assistance and immediate help.

If you would like to help survivors of the Sichuan earthquake, please visit and click on disaster relief.


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