Christian radio is starting churches in Mozambique

By April 1, 2004

Mozambique (MNN) — Missionary radio is having a huge impact on evangelism, church planting and discipleship. It’s especially effective in the Southern African nation of Mozambique, according to Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung.

Words of Hope is broadcasting programming in the Lomwe, Makhuwa and Makonde languages. DeYoung just returned from visiting their ministries there. He says, “We’re encouraged to see that there are a number of new churches which have started as a result of listeners. It seems that people find it quite a novelty to hear their indigenous language on the radio. It’s very rare.” He says it becomes an event. “Somebody listens to a radio outside of their home. Neighbors come and share the experience. That happens day after day and such a group becomes a nucleus of a church,” he says.

DeYoung worshipped with congregations that were established in this way. He tells us about one pastor’s testimony. “One day I gave my life to the Lord listening to those messages. He later felt called of God to become a pastor. He sought training and now he is himself a pastor. Many people have come to know the Lord” because of the programs.

Words of Hope wants to expand some of the programs they already have on the air so they can have an even larger presence in countries that are difficult to reach with the Gospel. DeYoung says, “We’re expanding broadcasts into Turkey in Turkish, to Iran in Farsi. We (also want) to expand broadcast to Kashmiri, to the northern most state of India.” In order to do this and add more languages, finances are needed. Production cost and purchasing air time are the biggest expenses.

While it’s important to have Christian workers on the ground, DeYoung says radio can be instrumental where there are none. “Many of the parts of the world where the Gospel is little known and/or firmly opposed by people in authority or with great influence, radio is often the only, or at least one of the few ways in which people can hear.”

-Pray that many will respond to the financial need.

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