Christian radio sees shoes for orphans lead children to Christ

By November 18, 2004

Russia (MNN) — He’s watching the program come full-circle. Paul Martin with WMBW, a part of the Moody Broadcasting Network, says seeing their community project completed in Russia has been great. We’re talking about WMBWs “Shoes for Orphan Souls” shoe drive with Buckner Orphan Care International.

Martin says WMBW has been involved in the program for some time now. “Our listeners caught the vision. And, so we just offered the program to them and they responded so overwhelmingly with shoes upon shoes upon shoes. And so, for the past four years it’s been climbing and growing and this year we received approximately 10,000 pairs of shoes and over 70,000 pair of socks.”

Martin is in Russia with Buckner’s Shoes for Orphan Souls program seeing the shoes their listeners collected put ‘feet’ to the Gospel. “Our chief end is to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ. And, because we know that Buckner has that same goal in mind, to use these shoes as sort of a platform or an entry way into saying, we love you enough to provide for your physical needs, and we want to then be able to share your eternal need, which the provision is Jesus Christ.”

While WMBW and other radio stations we able to collect thousands of shoes, more are needed to be able to share the Gospel with even more children. Martin says you don’t have to attend a large church to make this work. “A small church of about 25 people gathered 50 pair of shoes last year. This year they came back and said, we can do better. They gathered 800 pairs of shoes. And, that’s with a church of 25.”

If you’d like to help with Buckner’s Shoes for Orphan Souls program, go to

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