Christian radio sparks taxi conversation

By November 7, 2008

South Korea (MNN) — The Missionary Taxi Club in Busan, South Korea continues to point passengers to Christ after 25 years of meeting.

The 450 members of the club have devoted themselves to playing Far East Broadcasting Company radio broadcasts around the clock in their taxis. The hope is that passengers will hear the programs and be moved toward the Lord. This strategy seems to be working.

Mr. Ban, president of the FEBC Missionary Taxi Club, explained one recent encounter he had with a passenger. When a woman heard a song in Mr. Ban's car that grabbed her attention, she made note that the song was "amazing." Mr. Ban quickly responded that the music at his church is similar. He then exchanged information with the woman and invited her to visit his church.

This unique and perhaps unconventional ministry has allowed for several similar conversations, providing a doorway for Korean taxi drivers into the spiritual lives of their customers. Pray that God would continue to use this ministry to plant seeds and eventually reap a harvest.

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