Christian refugees need prayer

By May 22, 2009

(MNN) — Conflict with the Taliban has displaced almost one and a half million Pakistanis. Some are Christians, and Todd Nettleton with
Voice of the Martyrs says they are especially vulnerable. 

A "potential humanitarian crisis" is already brewing in the
region, he said, but Christians face greater danger because they are already
marginalized by the society. 

"The challenge for Christians is somewhat multiplied because
they are already sort of disenfranchised: they're already pushed to the side,
and so they become sort of lost in the shuffle," Nettleton said. VOM already has indications that the
government will not take care of Christian refugees as well as it will take care of Muslim

"We have even heard reports that while the government is
helping to relocate Muslim citizens out of these areas where the Taliban is
taking over, they're not giving that same assistance to Christians," Nettleton

VOM is working to assist the Pakistani Christians who have
been displaced by the violence. The
Christians need their fellow believers around the world to pray for them — not
only for their safety, but also for the advance of the Kingdom of God. 

"Pray that they can even have opportunities to
witness and opportunities to share, because this is really a time of great
upheaval in Pakistan,
and that can be and often is a time of revival as well," Nettleton said. "There's so much going on, and people are
threatened. They are open to the Gospel,
they're open to the good news of Christ's love."

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