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Published on 24 February, 2016

Christian resources bless national believers

Haiti (MNN) — When you give to a cause, you usually don’t hear what happens through your donation. You sow in faith, trusting God to take care of the rest.

CRI_Christian resources in van

(Photo courtesy CRI via Facebook)

Below, Christian Resources International (CRI) shares how God is using those faith gifts to help believers in Haiti:

“I received one of your concordances at a Sunday School celebration we had in our church. It is a book that is so handy whether I’m preaching or teaching, because it helps me…see how many times a word is repeated in the Bible and where I can find those references. Thank you so much.” –Pastor Nadi

“I would like to thank you for the big work you are doing in evangelization and training. These books and tracts help me so much. I especially like them since they are in French. This helps all those pastors who are not real skilled in English. I’m very happy for this help, and I hope and pray that this program could reach all the churches across Haiti.” –Josie, Sunday School teacher

(Photo courtesy CRI)

(Photo courtesy CRI)

Based in the United States, CRI collects donated Christian resources and Bibles, and ships them to believers who lack these types of supplies. Along with equipping evangelists, pastors, and missionaries, CRI sets up lending libraries and Bible college libraries.

Click here to learn more about CRI’s Distribution Centers.

Donating your extra Christian books and Bibles might not seem like much, but it’s strengthening the faith of believers around the world. Make a list of what you could spare, and then click here to connect with CRI.

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