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By November 20, 2009

Hong Kong (MNN) — A Christian
Resources International
Great Crate arrived in Hong Kong with no fanfare. It didn't stand out from the thousands of other containers on the docks. But it
did contain life-changing materials in the form of Bibles and other Christian

CRI's Fred Palmerton says these resources will
support a church partner. "Pastor Harley is very excited about the opportunity to send some
of that material on to ministries that he is fond of and knows there's a great
need for."

As the truck
with the Great Crate pulled up to Pastor Ken Harley's church, it was met by a team of people
from the church ready to unload and store the books. 

The distribution began even
before everything was unloaded. Palmerton
said, "A young man wanted to know what they were unloading. The lady said,
'Those are Bibles. Do you know what Bibles are? Bibles are God's Word. The
Bible is the greatest book in the world. [Do] you want a Bible?'"  

Harley's church provided books to 20 churches in Hong Kong and
Macau by setting up mini-libraries for these believers.

Many of the
children's books headed out from Hong Kong to the Philippines where there was
great need for Christian literature. Other books went to the YMCA school library. Some were shipped from Hong Kong to pastors in Africa.

CRI receives hundreds of requests each
month from pastors around the world, asking for even one Bible for their

Even as this container emptied,
CRI is readying yet another to send to Africa. "We are anticipating sending another container this year. We
are in the process of raising funds for that container."

What kind of impact does this
have on the body of Christ? Palmerton once explained the effect one single Bible can have. "If a
Bible goes to a pastor and he can use that Bible to deliver sermons to 20 or 25
villagers, and one of those villagers [responds to] God's Word and decides to
become an itinerant pastor, and he takes the Word into another village, how
many thousands of people can one Bible touch?"

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