Christian roles critical amidst Gaza’s rubble

By January 28, 2009

Middle East (MNN) — The humanitarian crisis is deepening in
the Gaza Strip following a 22-day war. 

Much of the infrastructure in the area lies in ruins. According to one of the United Nations'
partners, there are 120 trucks of humanitarian supplies going into Gaza. However,
a year and a half ago, 600 trucks were going in daily, and still the region was
considered a humanitarian emergency.

Politics aside, there are tens of thousands in desperate
need.  War leaves few unaffected. 

We spoke with the Director of Disaster
Assistance for Global Aid Network (GAiN) to find out how their ministry teams are responding to the needs of
the survivors on both sides of the conflict. "The biggest unmet need that
we're seeing is in the area of water. The sewage is leaking into their fresh
water.  Even the pump stations have been
damaged and are not pumping the water throughout the area. [There are] outbreaks
of cholera, outbreaks of hepatitis A, outbreaks of diarrhea right

GAiN teams are bringing in special water filters that are
capable of filtering up to 500 gallons of clean water per day.   There are also huge needs for food and
medical supplies for those who live on both sides of the Gaza border.

More than meeting the physical needs, GaiN's team is
reaching the heart, too. "What we teach our people to do is to mourn with
them, to be prepared to love on them unconditionally without reservation.
Oftentimes in this kind of environment, people will ask, 'Why did you come? You
have loved us. Why are you doing that?' We train our people to
be prepared at that point to give a reason for the hope that is within them."

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