Christian satellite television looks to encourage troubled church in Middle East

By August 1, 2007

(MNN) — The Taliban hostage crisis is pushing tensions higher in Afghanistan.  Terrorists have already proved deadly intent
with the group of Korean missionary hostages.  

SAT-7's Debbie Brink suspects the terrorism is proof of the
need for their satellite television ministry. "Radicals are trying to influence governments and families and
children through these kinds of acts, and it's horrible. SAT-7 and SAT-7 Pars
are really having an impact in the region. SAT-7 Pars reaches specifically into Iran
and into Afghanistan." 

SAT-7 Pars is a semi-autonomous unit of SAT-7, providing
quality Christian TV programming for Persian satellite viewers in Iran, Afghanistan and adjacent countries.
The new channel, SAT-7 Pars offer Farsi Christian programming daily and another
four hours a day in Turkish.  

In a report which specifically mentions SAT-7, a
representative of an international Christian organization emphasizes the role
of satellite TV, Internet and other news media in strengthening the church.

That plays an essential role in encouraging believers and
new church growth. Brink says, "We
proclaim Christ and the Bible very openly, speaking to Christians. That's who our audience is intended to be,
but other people are watching as well. It's a combination of our broadcasts, the local church, Christians banding together and praying
together and finding support with one another, but it is a very difficult


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