Christian satellite television provides hope in Iranian crisis.

By March 28, 2007

Iran (MNN) — Iran has rejected United Nations sanctions over its refusal to suspend its atomic program.  It also said it will limit its cooperation with the UN's nuclear watchdog in retaliation for new financial and arms sanctions.

The crisis erupted as the UN Security Council delivered a unanimous vote tightening sanctions against Iran and demanding a halt to its uranium enrichment program.  The new resolution clamps down on the elite Revolutionary Guard Corps and a subordinate military unit, the Quds Force, which have no relationship to the country's nuclear programs.

The pressure can be stepped up further in 60 days' time, pending a report from the International Atomic Energy Agency on whether Iran has suspended its uranium-enrichment program.

Iran has not made any direct demands in return for the release of the seized Britons.  However, they are being held at an Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps base in Tehran. British Prime Minister Tony Blair says he hopes diplomacy would win their release but is prepared to move to a "different phase" if not.

Over the growing tensions, SAT-7's David Harder says the message of hope broadcast via SAT-7 PARS is crucial. "The situation going on with the British soldiers that were taken down in the South is very concerning to Iranians. They feel it's just another brick in the wall of what seems to be building toward a possible confrontation, and that's what people are concerned about–an actual military confrontation."

Isolation will make life even more difficult for those living in Iran.  But that could open doors for ministry.  Persian viewers who have watched Farsi programs on SAT-7 will now need to tune in to Hotbird 6, transponder 157, 11,642 MHz, Horizontal Polarity, 27.5 MSym/sec, FEC 3 / 4 to view SAT-7 Pars.

Harder urges prayer.  "It's in this time when the churches within Iran can be reaching out and encouraging people, shining God's light and love. It's when broadcasting like SAT-7 Pars can reach in and touch the lives directly of people who are searching for answers, who are searching for tomorrow."

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