Christian school ministry reaches out to low caste children in India

By October 19, 2007

India (MNN) — Throughout India, the country's lowest caste–the
untouchables or Dalits–have been experiencing an awakening.

Determined not to be "thumb-stampers" (referring to
people who could not sign their names), many are taking advantage of the changes in
their society to get an education.

Christian teachers have started schools for children of the
Dalits, and one teacher reports, "My own
parents were Hindu, but they sent me to the missionary school because it was
the only school in our village. Many teachers, like me, are Christians now. We
have set up orphanages for children abandoned by parents too poor to raise

The schools and an education translates to hope and a future,
both physically and spiritually, for these children. 

Worldwide Christian Schools holds conferences to help
teachers understand how to teach their subjects from a biblical perspective.
The Indian teachers then can go back to their schools and share what they've

To help them do so, WWCS provides notebooks containing the
exact words of the presentations along with outlines helpful for that

Schools throughout
India are asking for more of these conferences. There are two ways to help support these schools. One is by helping to sponsor a teacher's
participation in a conference.

The other way is to provide resources. Because the Indian Office of Education has
said that children must learn to read and write English, as well as the language of their village, the teachers need children's storybooks.  

Many of the teachers cannot afford to buy children's
storybooks in English. Collect good
quality new or used books for children and send them to the WWCS office. Click here for more details on these and many
other ways to help spread the life-changing hope of Christ in India.  

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