Christian schools started in tsunami zone

By March 10, 2006

East Asia (MNN) — The tsunami in East Asia hasn’t been in the news much, even though for millions of people, the grieving, rebuilding and hopelessness continues. However, World Hope International has been helping throughout these 15 month helping to restore hope in the midst of trouble.

Director for Rural Development for World Hope Keith Norris says they’ve been focused on one thing. “We’ve focused primarily on rebuilding houses. So far we’ve built 127 houses. We find that that’s a great help to the people as they try to stabilize their lives.”

However, home building has opened other doors for them, says Norris. “We’re helping some people now with business development, helping them to restart their business or start a new business. Right now we have going the renovation of two damaged schools and we’re starting two new Christian schools.”

Accoring to Norris, many families are being forced out of temporary shelters and they’re turning to Christians for help. “They’re looking to Christian organizations because we’re still there, where some of the other agencies — many of them came with big promises, but are no longer there.”

The tsunami relief World Hope has provided has done something Christians weren’t able to accomplish on their own. “The Christians we empowered to do something, mainly in the standpoint of resources where they could get out and make connections with people and they’re the ones that are continuing on the work,” says Norris.

Norris is asking people to pray for these believers. “That these people who’ve heard the Gospel, that the Holy Spirit will water those seeds. Pray also for the national Christians that they’ll be active in following up and that the Lord will lead them to the right people.”

Funding is still need to help build houses and businesses.

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