Christian students surrounded by Buddhism get boost

By August 1, 2013
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Thailand (MNN) — Although there is freedom of religion in Thailand, it’s not always that easy socially.

The Isaan communities of northeastern Thailand hold a social expectation that to be Isaan is to be Buddhist. Because of this cultural norm, it can be difficult for Isaan Buddhists to make decisions to follow Jesus Christ.

Futhermore, family and community are highly valued in the Isaan culture. If someone knows their family and friends are opposed to the Christian faith, they may avoid learning more about Jesus Christ to dodge conflict.

To encourage Christian Isaan students, the iServe conference is going to Khon Kaen, Thailand in two weeks, according to the International Mission Board (IMB).

This one-day conference will be held on August 14 and include worship, prayer, concerts and teaching. The purpose of iServe is to encourage and challenge Christian students and young adults in the Isaan region of this Buddhist nation.

This is just one of many initiatives in Thailand as the Christians come together to reach several Thai people groups with the Gospel through the Vision 2015 emphasis, says the IMB.

Pray that all those who participate in iServe will grow in their walk with Christ and be ready to serve Him in their daily lives. Pray for young Isaan believers to be bold witnesses for Jesus Christ.

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