Christian television is comforting Iranians after a deadly quake

By February 24, 2005

Iranians (MNN) — The death toll is now over 500 in Iran, as a deadly earthquake hit there this week. The 6.4 magnitude quake damaged 40 villages in an area with a population of about 30,000 people.

Very few Christian organizations are overtly working in that Islamic Republic, but Christian television is having an impact. SAT-7 , Christian television for the Middle East and North Africa, is beaming program in the Farsi language. Debbie Brink is the Executive Director of SAT-7. “At a time like this we all know how discouraging and frustrating and difficult a situation it can be to be without your home and be asking a lot of questions about why. And, I would think our programs could be very encouraging.”

Their Farsi broadcasts have been on the air for about two years. Brink says they’re broadcasting in Farsi two hours a day, seven days a week. She says, “People in Iran right now are very eager to hear ideas about Christianity. They’re not real satisfied with their situation in Iran and are very eager to get outside information through satellite.”

MNN asked Brink if satellite television is popular in Iran. “It’s extremely popular. People are getting dishes and putting them in their home very rapidly. Satellite television is just the easiest way to get uncensored information in without the risk of being jammed.”

Filming begins for programming for Farsi speaking children in two weeks and should be ready to air in about two months. Funding is needed to help fund the existing and new programming.

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