Christian television succeeds in the Middle East.

By May 5, 2005

Middle East (MNN)–SAT-7’s research on their viewing audiences shows they’re drawing a significant audience from eight Arab nations. The numbers indicate there are nearly two to three million regular viewers. There are also six to seven million are drawn to the ministry’s programming.

Dr. Graham Mytton, research consultant and former director of audience research for the BBC World Service, reviewed the raw Intermedia data from the eight surveyed countries, and then extrapolated the figures for the entire Arab world in order to reach this estimate.

The findings are based on surveys conducted on the phone or in person in mid- to late 2004. Nationwide surveys were conducted in the UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait, and Jordan. Urban areas were surveyed in Morocco and Syria.

SAT-7’s Terry Ascott explains the Missiological finding. “It really shows that people are still very spiritually aware and hungry in their different societies, that it’s still very theistic in its worldview and that there is great spiritual hunger in the area.”

He adds that the rise in the numbers of viewers suggests the ministry is providing the building blocks of the church. “Television is another paradigm in Christian ministry. You only have one TV set per household; the whole family watches the TV together and so what we have now, are whole families becoming Christians.”

The research supports more emphasis on programming into North Africa. Ascott says they’ll also be developing programs for women, children, youth and new believers.

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