Christians already leaving Egypt

By June 22, 2012

Egypt (MNN) — Protesters are already in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt. Egypt's Presidential Election Commission announced yesterday they are delaying the results of this week's presidential election indefinitely. The commission says they're investigating election irregularities. Egyptians are in Tahrir Square demanding the results be released.

Rody Rodeheaver,
President of IN Network USA, describes the atmosphere. "I'll just quote my director there. He says 'it's just crazy.' He's referring to the atmosphere. He's referring to the confusion. Everything that they thought they had gained has fallen apart."

Rodeheaver says it's not only a confusing time for the average Egyptian, but especially for Christians. He was told that most Christians voted for Ahmed Shafik. "Even though he represents going back to the Mubarak era, they were much more comfortable with him than they were with the Muslim Brotherhood."

Why? Rodeheaver says, "The institution of Sharia Law will basically stymie Egypt's ability economically, politically, and religiously to really have any kind of freedom."

While the elections haven't been announced yet, Rodeheaver says the evangelical church is already feeling the impact. "It was shocking to me when my staff person said, 'In our church, there have been over 60 people who have left Egypt to go to the U.S. to start a new life because of their fear.'"

While that is bad news, Rodeheaver says there has been some good news with all this uncertainty. IN Network has seen growth in leadership, discipleship, and evangelism training. "There has been this period of ability to do ministry unimpeded. The fear now is that that door will shut."

Rodeheaver is asking you to pray for safety for young people as they travel to and from summer camp. He's also asking you to pray for Egyptian churches. "If you're part of a congregation and all of a sudden you realize that 60 people are no longer there, that creates an emotion and psychological barrier." Pray that God will assure Christians that He is at work and that they can stand strong.

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