Christians are being trained to be rescuers

By February 10, 2010

USA (MNN) — Rescuers were the heroes in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake — everyday people on the streets. People who were buried in the rubble didn't want to wait for the professional rescuers from the United States. They wanted out, now. Times was of the essence.

Just as these everyday people rescued victims, Ron Hutchcraft says, "Every single person who has Christ in their heart has been positioned by God to be a rescuer to people who are spiritually dying."

Hutchcraft says Christians who have influence — radio announcers, athletes, business leaders and others — need to use their influence to share Christ. "Unfortunately, we're finding that most of them don't know how to turn that corner," says Hutchcraft. "They don't know how to turn their influence into rescue. A lot of times, the Gospel is totally missing. You can listen to Christian radio and Christian athletes, and you don't even hear it."

Hutchcraft continues, "Our team is committed to helping those who are influencers become rescuers — to use their platform to help lots of people know how to get to heaven."

Hutchcraft says his ministry can help you do this. "We have a 13-week DVD curriculum with a study guide for a community of believers to use in a small group. It will help Christians [learn] to become the personal representative of Jesus to people in a way that will break through. It's called 'A Life That Matters.'"

Everyone has influence. Some have influence on a small number of people, while others have influence on thousands. Sometimes you just need help. The program is strategic. It will help you know "how to start where people are–how to start from the position you are in and use the language of your particular tribe of people to help communicate Christ. The idea is to capitalize in a natural way on the opportunities that are right there in front of you."

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