Christians are failing in the HIV/AIDS crisis

By October 26, 2005

USA (MNN) — 40-million people are infected with HIV/AIDS. 50-million children are orphaned because of the disease. The good news is Christians are beginning to do something about it. The bad news is, they have been very quiet until now.

Purpose Driven Ministries Kay Warren describes the Christian response to HIV/AIDS. “Mainline churches have cared for people’s physical needs and the spiritual needs have been de-emphasized and in evangelical circles we have emphasized the spiritual side and de-emphasized that we live in a body that has needs. Evangelicals have been largely silent, largely AWOL, from caring for people with HIV.”

To help combat this problem, Purpose Driven is holding an HIV/AIDS conference called “Disturbing Voices” November 29 – December 1. “December 1st is actually World AIDS Day and we’re going to observe it. And, so we’re going to offer pastors an opportunity to see what they can do in their church on World AIDS Day, offer some community service events to people with HIV/AIDS, a prayer service.”

Warren says Christians must begin to focus on the problem, which is what God expects of us. “You cannot read Scripture and not see that God cares for the sick. The Great Commandment is to love the Lord your God with all you heart, your soul and your mind and love your neighbor as yourself. We have not done this.”

As people open their hearts to those who are suffering, Warren says it presents opportunities to share the Gospel. “When people are sick and are dying and they’re infected and they’re rejected in their society, it does create an open door. But, I’ll tell you this it’s whoever loves them first is who they will respond to. So, when we come with his love, His mercy, His grace, then it does open up people’s hearts.”

Information on “Disturbing Voices” HIV/AIDS conference is available by clicking the highlighted link above.

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