Christians are fined for non-registered church activity in Uzbekistan

By December 5, 2006

Uzbekistan (MNN/Forum 18) — It appears Christians are facing increasing amounts of persecution in Uzbekistan.

Following a raid on a Baptist church in the southern Uzbek town of Karshi,
two visiting Baptists were fined more than 45 times the country’s minimum monthly salary each for participating in unregistered religious worship, while four local church members were given smaller fines, Protestant sources told Forum 18 News Service.

The court also ordered Bibles and hymnbooks confiscated during the raid to be burned, which is a regular official practice. The judge refused to discuss the case with
Forum 18. After 30 police officers raided a Pentecostal church in the capital Tashkent on 13 November, one church member has so far been fined.

The Karshi Baptists called for Uzbekistan’s harsh Religion Law to be brought into line with the religious freedom guarantees in the country’s Constitution and international human rights standards.

Pray that these Christians would continue to show love for those who are oppressing them, which could provide opportunities to share Christ.

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