Christians are missing the ‘link’ in the Fort Hood shooting

By November 10, 2009

USA (MNN) — A U.S. Army hospital spokesman says Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan remains in stable condition but is awake and talking. He was taken off a ventilator Saturday. 39-year-old Hasan was seriously wounded after he allegedly opened fire at a processing center Thursday at Fort Hood, the country's largest military installation. Thirteen people were killed and 30 were wounded.

While many authorities say Hasan acted alone, many say the United States is ignoring the obvious. Founder and President of Crescent Project Fouad Masri says, "We are ignoring that there is something called 'militant Islam.' Militant Islam has existed for centuries. And it's being practiced."

Masri says while many are trying to tie Hasan's actions to terrorism, as Christians we're ignoring something more important. "This is another symptom that we have a crisis of sin, that people need to know about a Savior called Jesus who saves me, who saves you, and can save this soldier through the blood of Jesus."

Masri says incidents like this "heighten the necessity to tell Muslims about Jesus. People should give Bibles. People should give materials. We should welcome Muslims and make them feel at home, because not all Muslims are necessarily involved in militant Islam, but they're all being influenced by it."

High profile situations like these are making it easier to share the Gospel with Muslims. Masri says, "Muslims are becoming followers of Jesus. Never before have we seen this openness among Muslims. These incidents are making Muslims question not only their faith, but also their community. They're saying, 'How can somebody who's saying they're following a peaceful religion commit these killings?'"

Many Christians are afraid to talk about their faith with Muslims. The Crescent Project is offering a number of resources that can help. "Bridges" is a small group Bible study that helps you connect with Muslims in a sensitive and effective way. In addition, the ministry also offers online training. They also provide an Outreach Pack. "It's a gift pack that includes a book explaining why the Bible has not been changed, why Jesus needed to die on the cross, and also a copy of the movie JESUS."

If you're interested in any of these resources, click here.

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