Christians are reaching out to business leaders in Ukraine

By March 21, 2005

Ukraine (MNN) — Christians are partnering together to reach business people with the Gospel in the Ukraine. The recent “Orange Revolution” has brought even more freedom to the country both economically and spiritually.

Max Oliferovski is a volunteer with Life Quality International, a daughter ministry of Greater Europe Mission. Oliferovski says Life Quality partners with a national organization called, ‘International Partnership.’ He says, “They have (a) very similar purpose. They work with professional people in Ukraine (with the purpose) of reaching them for Christ. They do workshops and Bible study groups and share the Gospel with them.”

American Christian business people travel to Ukraine and hold three to five day business seminars. Oliferovski says once that happens local Christians handle the follow up by establishing clubs. “There are Bible groups. There are English clubs. And, this last year we started a business club. And, these clubs meet in different places once a week to talk about various subjects, like business or English, and to promote Christian values.”

Oliferovski says this program is quite effective. “Business people are very open to Americans who come here. The United States (has a reputation). When teams come here people are very eager to listen to what they have to say and they can share Christ with them as well.”

If government leaders do what they promise, Oliferovski says the environment for business and evangelism will improve. He says taxes will be reduced and evangelicals should enjoy more freedoms.

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