Christians asked to pray for Syria

By September 10, 2013
An al Qaeda-linked rebel group has wrested control of the historic Christian town of Maaloula from regime forces, opposition groups said Sunday.

An al Qaeda-linked rebel group has wrested control of the historic Christian town of Maaloula from regime forces, opposition groups said Sunday.

Syria (MNN) — As international pressure continues on Syria, news from Christians inside and outside the country is bad.

According to a ministry leader there, “Everyday the Syrian Free Army shoots Christian, bombs our area. Now they are hanging Christians on Crosses! We are crying out to God for this to stop.”

Another Syrian Believer reports: “We are bracing ourselves for an American invasion, if there is one. It will likely result in more persecution for us.”

In the last few weeks a Syrian leader traveled to Lebanon for a short break from the war. He missed being at the scene of a brutal car bombing in Tripoli that killed 42 people. He was at the intersection where the bomb blasts occurred just before the twin explosions. Two Sunni Mosques were the targets of the brutality.

A Franciscan Priest was brutally killed in front of a cheering mob by Sunni Rebels. Some others were decapitated with kitchen knives. It appears that the priest was shot 8 times. He was accused of collaborating with Alawite President Bashar Assad. The crowd was filled with children and people took pictures/videos with their smart phones

According to some Christians, there are no easy answers in Syria. There are no good guys either. “We cry out to God for His mercy and a Divine Intervention. Something must be done to stop Chemical Attacks,” says another believer.

One Christian cites this from his Facebook page. “Syria is in the middle of a regional proxy war. It is essentially a battle between the Shiites and the Sunnis. The Islamic Republic of Iran- The Shiites, back the Alawites. The Arab Sunnis, of course back the Sunni led Free Syrian Army.”

Please pray for the God of Heaven to intervene!

He continues, “If America gets involved… there is no doubt that the Church in Syria will pay a price. This whole thing will be blamed on the West. Believers will become the ultimate scapegoat most likely. And eventually Israel will be dragged into all of this. That’s how it goes in the Middle East… the two “easy blame targets” are the Church and Israel.”

“The general feeling of the believers is that if the Sunni led Free Syrian Army takes over, it will be a disaster for the Church. Sunnis are 80-85% of the population. They have marched in the streets chanting ‘death to the Christians,'” says our contact.

The real problem with the chemical weapons is determining who launched them. “It could have been the Sunnis who are super motivated to make that happen knowing that President Obama would then fight Assad thereby giving them a great advantage. It is extremely complicated. Please pray for President Obama and Congress as they make a decision,” says our contact.

The believers in Syria are asking and pleading for your prayers.

“The believers in Israel… both Jewish and Arabic brothers and sisters in Christ ask you to intercede for them as well. Assad has promised to attack Israel if America strikes,” Christians report.

Please join us as we stand with the Body of Christ.

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