Christians attacked, ministry continues

By March 17, 2010

Nigeria (MNN) — Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi says Nigeria should be divided in two to avoid more bloodshed. He made those comments following last week's deadly Muslim attacks on Christians in Jos which saw up to 500 Christians killed.

Despite the unrest, OneHope founder Bob Hoskins says many leaders know the only answer to the violence is Christ. "We're being encouraged by the government to go into the schools, to share our Biblical literacy program, and to share Christ with the children."

In some cases, it's being met with resistance as workers have been beaten by radicals. "The goal of the Muslims, of course, is to establish sharia law in that whole region. And, they're being supported by people like Gaddafi who sends literally millions of dollars in."

But Hoskins says the hunger is so great that the work goes on. The Book of Hope and The Godman film are great outreach tools. "The Godman is dubbed into most of the [area] languages, including Fulani. Also, we've done research to find out how to reach these boys and girls."

Hoskins says the ministry tools are effective, "Our workers go into the villages, and there's so little available to them that when they offer to show a film, the [leaders] say, 'Sure, bring the film.' Then they show the film, and they hand out materials to go with it."

As these young people turn to Christ, Hoskins says, "They start a study group under a tree somewhere," and that's how churches are established.

OneHope has a goal of distributing 1.2 million copies of the Book of Hope this year. They need your help. Hoskins says it doesn't take a large commitment to have a huge impact. "It's incredible to believe that for 33-cents we can engage a child with the Word of God that can change an entire community, and actually result in a church being started — in an area where its 90 to 100-percent Muslims."

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