Christians bracing for more attacks

By August 21, 2013

Egypt (MNN) — While the United States has suspended military aid to Egypt, few in the country are concerned. Why? Saudi Arabia has pledged to make up any aid that is taken away from the country. That means radicals may only be more emboldened to cause chaos.

At this point, the Egyptian military has gained control of the country, arresting a top Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Mohammed Badie.


More than 60 churches attacked in Egypt.

More than 60 churches attacked in Egypt.

E3 Partner’s Middle East expert Tom Doyle says Christians seem relieved the military is in control, “But, I think they’re also bracing themselves for attacks. They know with the Brotherhood out of power, they’re not going to go away quietly.”

Christians have traditionally voted against the Muslim Brotherhood, which just magnifies the problem.

Doyle says, despite the unrest the evangelical church is seeing great growth. 20 years ago little was happening. Now, it’s common hearing about Muslims coming to faith in Christ in amazing ways. “They privately sought out Christians and learned more about Jesus, started reading the Bible, came to faith in Him. This is something we see as normal today.”

Doyle says E3 leaders are excited about the work in Egypt right now. One leader told him, “I wouldn’t [want] to be anywhere else in the world, but Egypt right now, because God is moving. Certainly it’s dangerous, but God is moving in such a powerful way. This is the hour of need where we can bring the message of Jesus to the nation.”

E3 Partners is providing training and materials that they need as they’re reaching out to Muslims. Funding is needed more now than ever before. “There’s a systematic plan to get the Gospel to every living person in Egypt. 85 million. That’s quite a feat.”

Many E3 leaders use the EvangeCube, which is a puzzle-like cube with pictures, to share the Gospel with Muslims who had dreams about Jesus. “Someone was sharing the Gospel with the EvangeCube, and this was the same picture that they saw in their dream of Jesus on the cross for them. How amazing is that?”

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