Christians called to pray for Japan and USA

By March 15, 2011

Japan (MNN) — While the world struggles to come to grips with the devastation in Japan, Ron Hutchcraft says Christians need to pray.

Hutchcraft says our prayers need to be focused. He says God has a plan. "In Isaiah's words, God has a plan determined for the whole world. And, His hand is stretched out of all nations. And, that's going on right before our eyes on the news." So, he's playing for God's will in Japan.

He's also praying for Christians in Japan. With less than 1-percent of the population evangelical Christians, "They are a remnant in that country," Hutchcraft says.

He says the need for prayer is great. "[With] the millions of gods of Shintoism — the feeling that Christianity is a western religion — all these things have created great barriers, and my prayer now is for the people of God in Japan, that this could be their moment that they could [share their faith] because of their hope."

"Remember," Hutchcraft says, "12 men spread this faith around the world. So, this could be the moment for that little handful of believers to become the people who are the carriers of the hope of Christ. Wouldn't it be something if this became the Jesus movement for the people of Japan?"

He's also encouraging you to pray for yourself. "God, how do you want us to respond? What do you want me to do? Do you want me to become a prayer warrior for the people of Japan, for missionaries. Do you want me to support some agencies right now, that are going to bring the compassion, relief and the mercy of Christ to the Japanese people, but with it the Gospel?"

Hutchcraft says people in the United States are being affected by the news. "Newscasters are talking about the book of Revelation. What? They're talking about biblical prophecy."

He says that's an opportunity for Christians to respond. When people ask about end times, he gives some suggestions on what to say. "You need to make sure you are in the hands of the One who predicted it all, whose coming preceded by it all, and who is the only safe place," which is Jesus.

He says Japan isn't the only tsunami we as Christians need to be concerned about. "150,000 people die every day. They are swept into eternity, whether they're ready or not. They die one heart attack over here, one traffic accident over there. That tsunami's going through every day," and we need to have the same urgency to share our faith.

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