Christians carry 2,000 pounds of aid on foot for over 9 hours

By October 25, 2011

Papua New Guinea (MNN) — Last week, Christians in Papua New Guinea carried their neighbors' burdens–literally.

A couple of months ago, the Mamusi people suffered severe damage from mudslides triggered by heavy rainfall. For the last two months, the Mamusis have lived in rough conditions since many of their homes, gardens, and meeting houses were damaged or even destroyed.

News of the disaster reached Jan and Annette Wols, missionaries with New Tribes Mission. "Believers from five different language groups and missionaries in the region as well as some in other parts of the world have responded to the news by giving and helping," wrote Jan.

The result was 63 packages of supplies. Canvas tarps and food were all donated to help the plight of the Mamusis. The weather left the mountains of the region soake, however, and the only way to get the supplies to the Mamusis was on foot.

Neighboring Ata church leaders jumped at the opportunity to help their neighbors. Dozens of believers from the Ata church carried the 63 packages–which totaled more than 2,000 pounds–on their shoulders for the 9-hour walk over steep, muddy terrain to get to the Ata village.

While in Ata, Jan was able to encourage the believers by teaching them about unity in Christ. The believers there talked about the concepts she'd taught well into the night, excited to serve Christ better.

After another full day of hiking, the group reached the Mamusis. The people were still in shock, and few spoke when they received the aid. But some of them noticed their unity in Christ.

Pray that the Mamusi would continue to reflect on this generosity over the next few months and years. Pray that relationships built through this act of service would open doors for the Gospel to be received. Pray also for the Ata church which obediently followed God's call to love those around them and to reach out to those in need.

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