Christians come alongside Egyptian widows during COVID-19

By September 28, 2020

Egypt (MNN) — Even though she has a heart condition requiring monthly medication, Maria* cleans houses to support her seven children and grandchildren. Maria lost her job and the household’s biggest source of income during COVID-19 lockdowns. In tears, Maria called a local ministry supported by Christian Aid Mission.

The ministry leader says, “Their salaries were already not enough to meet their basic needs and have a decent life, and now they don’t have any source of income at all.”

(Photo courtesy of World Mission)

She had sold her kitchen appliances to meet daily needs, Maria explained on the phone. Now, there was nothing else to sell, and she didn’t know what to do.

Maria is one of many widows facing choices like these in Egypt. “Most of them are now without a fixed monthly income and without a fixed pension,” says the ministry leader. “Some women were infected with the coronavirus, and some of them lost a family member because of the virus.”

The Church in action

Local believers share the hope of Christ as they offer financial and physical support. One ministry created Whatsapp groups for women and children in need.  Gospel workers offer prayer in the groups, and they also post links to sermons and songs.

The ministry leader says, “We are facing a great challenge to come alongside the widows and their children in this difficult time, but we were so happy at their eagerness to interact with all of us during the prayer times on the group. And for those who cannot read or write, they were keen to pray through voice notes which they share with us, and they were all praying to the Lord asking Him to end this pandemic.”

Some women say these groups are the only place where they can talk openly about what they’re going through. By giving to Christian Aid Mission, you can help these widows overcome disaster in Christ’s name.



*Name changed for security reasons

Header image courtesy of Christian Aid Mission.