Christians continue rebuilding efforts under the hail of fire in Iraq.

By May 6, 2004

Iraq (MNN)–A recent rash of kidnappings and murders of humanitarian workers in Iraq hasn’t stopped aid efforts. In advance of a June 30th handover, top priorities for Iraq are providing help in restoring fuel, water and power lines.
Providing humanitarian aid is also of paramount importance. For International Aid’s Myles Fish, while things got tense and dangerous in Fallujah, their teams continued working because they weren’t close enough to be exposed to the uprising. “We do not have any North Americans onsite there, and our most recent reports that we have is that our representatives have not been affected by the recent violence. So, we’re continuing to hope and pray that that remains the case, and we’re keeping a very close eye on it.”

Fish explains their work is laying a foundation for ministry. “We have four health clinics that we set up. It was our choice early on in this situation to set those clinics up actually on the premises of four different Christian churches.”

The clinics for Mosul, Basra and Kirkuk followed an earlier effort that established a clinic in Baghdad. The clinics were shipped to Iraq from International Aid’s Spring Lake headquarters and set up with support from partner churches in Iraq.

“Our hope”, Fish says, “is that by our sending our support and our supplies through those churches, that those churches will be able to use our support to be able to reach their communities for Christ.”

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