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Published on 05 October, 2010

Christians endure more attacks in Punjab

Pakistan (MNN) — A mob of angry Muslims went on a rampage
September 23rd in the Gujarat
district, Punjab province, Pakistan. 

Their target: dozens of Christians. Voice of the Martyrs Canada confirms a mob of
40 militants fired shots at homes and individuals in the streets and beat some
Christians severely, leaving them for dead.   

According to a report from Compass Direct News, ten
families were targeted for the attacks. There
are rumors that three powerful politicians instigated the mob, but that has yet
to be substantiated. 

However, CDN report also claims that the mob hinted at an attack similar
to the Islamist assault on Gojra in 2009. An Islamic mob–acting on a false rumor of
blaspheming the Quran, and whipped into
frenzy by local imams–attacked the
Christian colony there on August 1, 2009, burning at least seven Christians to
death, injuring 19 others, looting more than 100 houses, and setting fire to 50
of them.

There were more death threats which were given credence
after the assault on Tariq Gill, a man exonerated of charges of blaspheming the
Qur'an in September 2009. Tariq's
parents were also attacked and humiliated. Several critically-injured Christians are recovering in the hospital.

Pray that authorities will act justly and with integrity in
this case. Pray that Christians in Pakistan will take comfort in the promise of
the Lord that those who suffer with Christ will also be glorified with Him. There are more needs. Click here.

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