Christians evangelize children in China, despite being illegal.

By November 24, 2003

China (MNN) — Millions of children need Christ in China, but unfortunately it’s illegal to specifically target them with the Gospel. Despite that, Open Doors with Brother Andrew has developed a Children’s Bible to address that incredible need.

Open Door’s Johnny Li the Bible is very effective in introducing children to Christ, but he says China’s constitution makes this type of outreach difficult. “You can not preach, evangelize, baptize any one who is under 18 years old. They know that if children know the Lord, that’s dangerous (for China). So, our guys, they risk their lives.”

Li says the need for Children’s Bibles is great. “It’s a beautiful Children’s Bible and (it has) basically 150 stories. Up to now, Open Doors brought over one-million (of these) Children’s Bibles to China. But, Open Doors still has a long way to go because we have roughly 500-million children who are under 18 years old.”

These Bibles aren’t just influencing children. Li says, “Especially farmers have trouble understanding the Old Testament. We find many of the Bibles before they go to the children, they go to the adults because they love it.”

Li says the cost for printing and distribution is small. He says, “Four dollars includes printing and distrubution costs. This puts (Bibles) in the hands of children.”

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