Christian’s family murdered by Muslim mob

By July 12, 2010

Pakistan (MNN) — A Pakistani Christian mourns the loss of
his family after a Muslim mob murdered his wife and four children, according to
Compass Direct News.

Jamshed Masih, a police officer, moved his family to Mustafa
Colony after he was transferred from Gujrat to Jhelum, Punjab Province.

When the predominantly-Muslim community learned of the
family's faith, Maulana Mahfooz Khan, a Muslim religious leader, approached Masih
and told him and his family to leave, saying the community did not want "scum" in it. He said no non-Muslims had ever been able to live there and the
residents feared the family would be a bad influence on their children.

Concerned, Masih shared these threats with the pastor of a
local Presbyterian church, Saleem Mall. Mall also warned them of the danger and
advised them to leave.

On June 21, Compass said Masih left for work, leaving his
children singing hymns at home. Later that day, Masih's wife sent one of their
sons to the store for detergent. But when the shopkeeper asked if the
boy was a Christian and he said "yes," the shopkeeper refused to sell him
anything and told him to never come back.

The boy returned home, relaying the events to his mother who
called Masih, begging him to come home.

A short time later, a Muslim mob, led by Khan, arrived at
the house, accusing him of blasphemy against Muhammad.

Before police or Masih arrived, the family was murdered.

Now, local authorities refuse to press charges against Khan
and his mob because they fear what he will do to them.

According to Compass, Masih filed a complaint with the chief
minister of Punjab Province asking for justice to be served. Pastor Mall said
they are appealing to the government so they can simply live in peace.

Pray for justice to be served and for God to comfort Masih
through this tragedy.

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