Christians feel the weight of the religion law in Turkemenistan.

By January 14, 2004

Turkmenistan (F18/MNN)–Penalties have been imposed on believers for meeting for worship.

This may be the first time since Turkmenistan’s harsh new law on religion came into force last November. 12 members of a Baptist church in the western town of Balkanabad were given fines of 75 US dollars each, more than one month’s wages.

The fines followed a police raid on the unregistered church during Sunday worship in late November and came on top of earlier fines last year.

A statement issued January 7th from the Baptists reaching Forum 18 reported that officials “also warned the brothers and sisters that in the event of a repeated violation, the size of the fine would be much higher, while for a third violation they would be responsible under the criminal code.”

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