Christians from Africa, Asia, and Americas to worship together November 19

By November 17, 2021

International (MNN) — On November 19, you can join Christians from Africa, Asia, and the Americas to worship Jesus.

Tim Bentch talks about the second annual Nations Worship event from Global Disciples. It started in 2020, during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. “When we couldn’t gather in person, we came up with the idea to get together online. We saw how much it meant to our brothers and sisters across the world in 52 different countries. But it also meant a lot to the people here who connect with Global Disciples or others who heard about it. They experienced what worship is like in villages in Africa, or India and Nepal.”

Much of this worship comes from least-reached areas of the planet and people who have recently become Christians, Bentch says. Many have endured suffering over the past year from the pandemic, war, or persecution.

Stories of suffering

Bentch tells the story of a friend in Myanmar. “He had to flee his home, because he would probably have been arrested if he had stayed. He had to flee to a neighboring country and leave behind his family. Yet he shared a worship song one day online, because he had a good connection where he went to. Oh, he just cried, because of his devotion to the Lord and his trust in the Lord.”

Bentch tells similar stories from Christians in Nepal and Ethiopia, who sang lament and praise to God after losing friends and family to COVID-19. “So during Nations Worship, we’re actually going to reflect a bit. We have some testimonies from people who have gone through suffering and persecutions last year. Then it comes back to saying ‘Yet, I will trust in the Lord. And yet, I will praise Him.’”

Sign up

Sign up to join the Nations Worship event for free online or in-person here. The livestream will begin at 7:30 PM Eastern Standard Time on Friday, November 19. You can also watch the event later on if you miss it live.

You can also attend in person at Dove Westgate Church in Ephrata, Pennsylvania.



(Header photo courtesy of Global Disciples on Facebook)